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Hi I’m Gerry,

I am the founder, director and primary trainer at Xplain. I teach Project and Programme Management and Agile Development because I have been actively involved in in those fields since dinosaurs walked the earth (some of them were colleagues!) and it’s time to give something back.

I have also pursued a variety of other specialist areas including NLP which have all combined to give me a unique skill set all of which I use when delivering training (NLP is particularly useful in helping clients to understand that they can achieve their goals).

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One of my primary reasons for finally following my own path is that I reached a point where morally I couldn’t square my view of how clients should be treated with the mindset employed by some of the bigger players in the training world. I will not just sell someone a training course regardless of their background. I also believe that if at the end of my training you fail your exam at Foundation level, that is my fault not yours and you will get a free resit of that exam.

The associate trainers that I use to deliver training courses are also of the same mind and I won’t work with anyone who doesn’t put the client front and centre.

Finally I also believe that training is a 2 way process and I actively seek questions from delegates as that is how they learn best. If they are not engaged then they are unlikely to be learning and if they aren’t asking questions, how are they going to put what they learn into practise?

I expect all my delegates to leave at the end of a training course with the knowledge to be able to put what they have learned into practise and am happy to help bounce ideas around with them as they begin that journey.

I look forward to meeting you all.