Students Typing at Their Computers
What We Do

Everything you need to know about us

Here at XPLAIN we believe that every organisation and every person deserves the chance to be the best they can be. That’s why we decided to offer training and coaching in the skills areas we excel in – Project and Programme Management, Agile Delivery and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their personal and business performance goals.






Our Approach

Our approach to learning and organisational development is very different to that you will find in ‘traditional’ training companies. You are much more to us than a number and we believe passionately that our commitment when we take you on as a client is to help you
achieve measurable, lasting performance improvement. No game play or variable pricing based on how well you can negotiate us down. You are still just as important after you have paid our invoice and had the training as you were at the beginning of the process.

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Students Typing at Their Computers
What We Deliver

Our specialities include the design and delivery of market-leading training courses and qualifications covering personal and corporate skills in the fields of Project and Programme Management, Agile product development and NLP personal development.

We deliver the technical side of our mission effectively whether it be via Onsite at your chosen location, Open Courses at a venue we have chosen, Face to face Online or E-Learning.

All approaches are delivered to the same exact standards because our customers’ needs are our first and only priority.


We will deliver learning anywhere across the UK, Europe or the World.


Whatever the course, wherever it takes place or whichever mechanism is used for delivery, our commitment to you doesn’t change.

Our Values

The core beliefs of Xplain Training

Our Vision:

Promoting the message that expert project, programme and product delivery is both simple and cost effective. That empowering teams gives them the freedom to achieve company goals.

Our Value Statement:

  • For companies and organisations who want to get the most out of their projects and development efforts.

  • Our interventions and trainings are designed to make the most of your employees strengths and skills and thereby make them more likely to produce the output that you as a company need.

  • You already have the people who can make projects work for you and are quite probably already delivering projects or programmes or products but want to make the process more effective and productive.

  • Unlike other training companies our focus is on working with your vision to build the best teams and equip them with the core skills they need to operate effectively as a team. We will never just sell you a course, rather we would look to identify your areas of strength and those where there is a gap or a weakness and then design our intervention around rectifying those situations. Our view of failure is your employees not making a more positive and targeted contribution after we have finished.

  • Because of our NLP background and training we are also very accomplished at identifying and removing blocks and obstacles at a person, team and management level.

  • Finally, we never just walk away after we are done and will always be on hand to answer questions and bounce ideas around should the need arise.